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Keynote HQ
Premium Theme Pack 1

Updated with Metal Plate 1.1

Keynote HQ is pleased to offer our first pack of premium themes. We have a selection of four themes that are available for only $9.99. If you want a good view of what these themes look like, see the Quicktime movie clips under each snapshot.

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Theme Pack 1 Contents

You get 4 themes in two sizes each:

  • Gray Metal
  • Metal Plate
  • Notebook
  • Orange Frame

Why buy premium themes?

You get more features:

  • Both 800x600 and 1024x768 sizes
  • Most themes have custom graph fills
  • The Metal Plate theme has custom bullets
  • The Notebook theme has custom graphics

Your presentations will stand out:
You use Keynote for a reason. You want your presentations to look better than what you can do with that "other" presentation software. So why not use some themes that will make your presentations shine?

Because they are priced so low:
Frankly, we are offering these themes at a very inexpensive price. The reason they are so inexpensive is simple: we are testing the market to determine the demand for themes like these.

Also, we are excited with the successful launch of Keynote HQ! To kick off the website, we are offering themes at three levels: (1) Free, (2) Free with site registration, and (3) Premium Theme Packs.

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