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It doesn't have to be dull, gray pinstripes.
Change your "bored" room with
Keynote HQ's BoardRoom 2!

Boardroom 2 Looks Great in Keynote 3

Want to see more features of BoardRoom?
View the Quicktime movie.

Cool Feature: BoardRoom features several
elements that allow you to maximize the impact
of your presentation.

BoardRoom Contents

You get BoardRoom in two high resolution sizes, 800x600 and 1024x768, which include:

  • 45 different slide masters in each resolution, 90 slide masters total!
  • Over 90 color coordinated navigation buttons
  • 4 Styles of 3D button overlays, providing over 360 different button possibilities!
  • 10 Highlight Bars plus a 3D overlay
  • A translucent focus box
  • 3D Pie and Bar chart overlays to make your charts stand out!
  • Preformatted dual bulleted lists master with two bulleted lists on one chart
  • Preformatted table master slide
  • Unique photo layouts

Free Sample Presentation
Included with BoardRoom is the sample briefing we used to create the preview movie above. This sample demonstrates how the effects shown in the movie were achieved using Keynote 2.

The BoardRoom Master Slides



BoardRoom 2
for Keynote 2 and Keynote 3

The same great design as BoardRoom, with a more subtle, yet modern palette of color.

It is time to move your business presentations to a new level. Why should a business presentation be black and white or shades of gray? BoardRoom will help get your presentations noticed.

Pick up any number of corporate annual reports. You will notice careful attention to design, layout, and color. Such is the inspiration for Keynote HQ's BoardRoom. Leaving behind the standard "brushed metal" look, this theme uses crisp layouts, a modern design, a nearly endless variety of layouts, plus preformatted elements to make your presentations shine!

Buy BoardRoom 2 for only $19.95

Buy BoardRoom and BoardRoom2 for only $34.95

BoardRoom Combo Pack

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BoardRoom 2 is a 5.2 Mbyte download.

Chart Sample and Offset Photo Cutout

Master Slides:
You use Keynote for a reason. Now your presentations will look how YOU want them to look, with 45 different slide masters.

Buy BoardRoom 2 for only $19.95

Buy BoardRoom and BoardRoom2 for only $34.95
BoardRoom Combo Pack
Note: Your PayPal payment will be to "Taylor Media"

BoardRoom Includes Many Extras

Easy on the RAM

It doesn't take much for a professional Keynote theme to quickly swell in size. As graphic elements are added to a normal Keynote theme, the size of some themes exceed 20 Mbytes for a single resolution.

Add your presentation's graphics and your file can become quite large.

BoardRoom is different, because it is truly optimized for business. BoardRoom is carefully designed to have a great visual impact at full resolution while maintaining a smaller file size.


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